VectorCat by sci2sci

Data catalog for biotech and pharma

Made by engineers who understand challenges and needs of the industry


For Everyone. Including AI.

VectorCat is made to democratize your company data

Accelerate: access -> decisions -> results

Easy UI

for scientists and business

Powerful API

for engineers and AI

Designed to instantly make a difference

Integrating the data where it is

We don't require migrating the data. But if you need to do it - we can help.

Easy plug-in, easy opt-out

Installation without any complex integration or coding, and opt-out with an easy export of data.

Makes data smarter:

Navigate in data jungles

We act as a single entry point for data search and data lineage.
Our semantic search easily locates relevant data in all connected systems: shared drives, LIMS, ELNs, databases and cloud storage.

Data lineage displays where data comes from and how it is used.

Leverage AI for your data

We prepare your data to be AI-ready and provide you with an assistant integration.
It can generate summaries, reports, documentation or response to custom prompts, using the metadata we store.

Stay safe

We ensure centralized governance for your data.
Our permission policies are set at the individual and group levels and can be easily created or changed.

We also check if the connected systems actually follow permissions, and we notify you of any suspicious activity.

Trace and measure

We provide full observability on creators, consumers and actions with data.
The reporting system integrated into our platform can provide your company with aggregated information on how, where, and by whom the data in the company is created and utilized.

We are launching an early access program!

Join and benefit from:
Direct influence on the product roadmap

You can prioritize features
helpful in your use cases.

Free support package

Early-access members get
premium support for free.

Lifetime discount on services

Early-bird pricing.
But forever.

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