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Data intelligence for smart companies

Data needs to be available at the fingertips - and understood quickly - to drive agile change in complex environments. We help companies avoid “manual data requests”, enabling employees quickly find the data they need - and swiftly understand it in the context. We also keep track of all-things-data, providing single source of truth about operations and changes.

Transform your data into intelligence today.

sci2sci Data Search for Internal Data features:

Single source of company data

CSVs in AWS S3? Spreadsheets on GoogleDrive? Excel files in SharePoint? Or data in your Snowflake warehouse? We support any type of data source and allow you to search for your data through all of them at once.

Attribute specific search

Seamless integration with the company software

Enjoy easy integration of the sci2sci Data Catalog with your existing software infrastructure. No need to manually transfer your data from where it’s already stored.

Semantic search

Semantic Search

Find the relevant data even when the exact terminology does not match the search query. Our Semantic Search understands meanings and maps related concepts, e.g. “customer”, “consumer” and “user”.

Semantic search

AI-generated documentation

Have you got no idea what files like “new_export_v5_final.csv” contain? We can annotate data using AI to make datasets easy to find and understand.

Semantic search

Insights on how your data is utilized

Monitor how company’s data is used and which data streams are crucial for operations, revenue making and informed decisions.

Semantic search
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