Data Search

Try our search for open data, connected with Zenodo and HuggingFace

Attribute-Specific Search

Go beyond general topics and zoom in on the details. Our Attribute-Specific Search allows you to pinpoint datasets by their unique measured parameters, such as “age” and “gender” in drug clinical studies or “price” and “date” in stock market data. It’s targeted, precise, and incredibly effective.

Attribute specific search

Semantic Search

Say goodbye to trying out multiple synonymous queries with our Semantic Search. It matches the words and phrases with similar meanings even when the terminology used is different. It’s able to return results for “customer” when the user searches for “consumer”, and even bridge concepts cross-language (e.g. “renewable” and “erneuerbar”).

Semantic search

Data Recommendations and Custom Matches

Think Spotify, but for data, with our recommendations of datasets similar to those you have searched for. Furthermore, you can submit your own data templates in CSV format to find datasets that closely match your specific requirements.

Data recommendations

Multi-Source Integration

Experience “less is more” with one search engine that indexes data from multiple repositories and resources, such as Kaggle, Hugging Face and Zenodo.

Aggregate new data automatically

Easy Dataset Preview

Get an instant insight about your data with our Easy Dataset Preview. This feature enables you to evaluate data relevance and quality immediately on the results page without the need to download files.

Aggregate new data automatically
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